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How to Maintain Modern Interior Door?

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Modern Interior Door San Diego are one of the most visually appealing and practical components of your home’s decor. They increase the security of your home, the flow of design, and the connectivity between spaces. While selecting the proper interior door design and color scheme is an excellent place to start, it does not end there. To keep your doors looking beautiful and well-kempt, you must also maintain them on a regular basis. We’ve put up an essential guide with three must-know guidelines to assist you in learning the fundamentals of interior door care and maintenance. Continue reading to find out how to maintain your real engineered wood doors looking new and lasting a long time.

Clean Regularly

Real-engineered wood doors are a high-performance, low-maintenance variation of solid wood doors made possible by technological advances. Engineered doors, as opposed to solid wood interior doors, are moisture-resistant and less prone to damage from humidity and wear. Real-engineered wood doors are pretty simple to clean and maintain; they have a robust core and a finishing option, such as veneer, laminate, or solid paint. Solid wood doors are porous and require wood wax to keep their shine; on the other hand, engineered wood doors are non-porous and do not require wood waxes or polishes. A simple wipe clean with a wet cloth dipped in a mild soap and water solution is all needed to maintain a gleaming and inviting inside door.

Clean doors


Suppose you determine that your untreated Modern Interior Door require further protection but do not want to paint them. In that case, you might consider waxing them instead. This allows you to immediately apply wax to the door and polish it to the appropriate gloss level. It’s also a good idea to apply special wax on polished doors once a year to help preserve them from dampness (which can cause the doors to swell and stick to frames).

Inspect Seals and Hinge

Improperly fitting or loose seals and hinges can lead to improper door installation and further damage. A quick visual check might reveal any flaws, such as worn-out hinges or seals. Worn-out hinges must be replaced for increased safety and security. Check whether the hinges are correctly installed or need to be tightened. Check that all the seals are intact, with no gaps in between. A simple wiping with a dry cloth might help remove any accumulated dust around the seals. Once every few months, examine the seals and hinges on your interior doors.

Inspect Seals and Hinge

Ensure Proper Functioning of Handles and Locks

Over time, the effects of wear on handles and locks result in inadequate locking systems. Once every six months, check the operation of all the doors, knobs, and locks in your home. To test the door handle, gently slide it back and forth as you would usually and see if the locking mechanism works smoothly. Creaks and squeaks are warning indications that should not be disregarded. If you see any evidence of repair or poor working, consult a professional and replace the locks and handles.

Final Thoughts

Clean and well-maintained doors show a pleasant attitude and assist you in making a favorable first impression on your visitors. Create a basic cleaning routine that includes dusting, wiping with a damp cloth, and inspecting seals, hinges, handles, and locks. There is a large selection of actual engineered wood doors available with surface finish options such as laminate, veneers, and paint.

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