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Glam Series

Glam Series Modern Doors

The Glam Series is the epitome of simplistic, beautiful design. With pure color and shine, this range of interior doors is the apex when it comes to clean, modern design.

It is available in all six standard widths with 80”, 84” and 96” heights. This Series also offers both a thick honeycomb interior, and the thickest MDF layer available, at 10mm on each side. These features give the Glam Series excellent sound dampening benefits and a very solid feel.

The Glam Series demonstrates great versatility with its 10 design options, and is ideal for several hanging options, such as barn door, sliding doors, and pocket doors. With so many options, it’s easy to find a single door or a small collection of doors to fit your design preferences and space.


Available Color: White


PPL High Endurance Film, RENOLIT,Imported from Germany


Solid Wood Skeleton with High Density Filler – Smart Core, Sound Proof Insulation, Slab Weight: Medium Size ~ 70 Pounds


Available in many sizes to suit your needs: Slab Height: 80, 84 and 96 inches,  Slab Width: 17-7/8”, 23-7/8”, 27-7/8”, 29-7/8”, 31-7/8”, 35-7/8”. Door Thickness: 1-3/4 inches (45mm)


Telescopic 4” – 5-1/2” X 86” and 100”, Flat Jamb 4”-5 1⁄2”, 3/4” thick for Bypass/Sliding Doors, 3 Split Jambs 1 Flat Jamb (Per Single Door), 3/4” thick for Pocket Doors, Jamb extension available for walls thickness over 5-1/2”

Moldings & Baseboards

Moldings: 3” Wide – L-Shaped Molding, 86” and 100” Long & 5/8” Thick. Baseboards: Available in H-4” X L-96” X D-5/8” in All Stock Colors


Proudly Designed and Assembled in the USA from Domestic & Imported Components. Leading 3-Year Structural Warranty

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